Betsy Beutler (Bite-ler) was born in the dead of night, November 18, 1932.  It was a cold, dark night-foreshadowing what was to later become her soul.  

Betsy started acting in the 8th grade, and drinking shortly thereafter.  She is still currently doing both, has found much success in the latter, and hopes to enjoy more success in the former... that's a joke.  In fact Betsy often thinks a drinking and/or drug problem might just be the missing element in her quest for fortune and fame… Or maybe just a twitter account.  

Although Betsy fancy's herself the best kept secret in Hollywood, she lives and works on both coasts.  Despite her constant buffoonery (see home page) she is also well known for her strength as a dramatic actor.  

Betsy is a founding member, writer, and performer of the New York sketch comedy group The Scallywags.  She can be seen as crack-head Cory on FXX's You're the Worst and is currently writing a series with her bestie Sonal Shah. 

Betsy is an excellent basketball player, a child gymnast, and can out-crochet anyone's grandmother.  She really appreciates your visit to her website, and hopes you return often.